Is there a problem that you can solve?

Has someone else solved a problem and you think you can do better?

Maybe you're just making something for fun or you're learning something new. That's great too.

Flex your mind muscles and let's see what you can come up with!


1) All teammates must be registered with HackDFW.

2) Teams can only have a maximum of 5 team members. 

3) Students 18 or over are eligible for the trip to Global Hackathon Seoul. Younger students are eligible for all other prizes (including other parts of the grand prize).

4) Hack must be something started at HackDFW. Coming up with an idea prior is fine, but team cannot use preexisting materials.

People NOT ELIGIBLE are:

1) Directors, Organizers, Volunteers, Mentors, Sponsors, Vendors, or anyone affiliated with operating HackDFW.




Hacks can be

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Whatever your wonderful mind comes up with!

Hackathon Sponsors


$87,250 in prizes

Grand Prize

-Invitation to Global Hack Seoul for all your members*
-Choice of 4 prizes from our prize pool

*Invitation valid for competitors aged 18+ (no minors)

2nd prize

-Invitation to Global Hack Seoul for all your members*
-Choice of 3 prizes from our prize pool
*Invitation valid for competitors aged 18+ (no minors)

3rd prize

-Invitation to Global Hack Seoul for all your members*
-Choice of 3 prizes from our prize pool
*Invitation valid for competitors aged 18+ (no minors)

Best use of Sabre APIs

$1500 cash from Sabre!

Best application to mobilize your world

Brought to you by AT&T.

Best use of Drones

Brought to you by StateFarm. Winners take home a drone!

Best use of Intel technology (2)

Brought to you by Intel Mashery.

3 Parrot Jumping Sumo drones for four members. Optional cash prize ($500) for best use of Weather Channel API.

Best use of Azure

Brought to you by Microsoft.

Winners receive tablets!

Best Use of IBM Bluemix

Brought to you by IBM.

Best use of ilumi Smartblubs

Brought to you by ilumi.
Best hacks take home ilumi Smartbulbs!

Engaging Communities

Strong communities are built on a foundation of aligned purpose, communication, and deliberate action. Create a tool or platform that supports the creation and growth of hyper-local, engaged, communities.
Win a 2-week pass to NoD coworking.

Best use of Pebble

Brought to you by Pebble

DFW Technology Challenge

6 months co-working space at DFW Technovation Center and a mentor to bring your hack to market.

Intuit Challenge (2)

1st place for both technical and innovation challenges: $500 per team member, plaque, and special event with some of Intuit’s top business and tech leaders.

2nd place for technical and innovation challenges: $300 per team member and recognition plaque.

Mini tech quiz challenge: $350 for individual winner.

Cash prizes will be given as Visa Debit Cards.

iCode Challenge

Build any application using platform & use iCode mentors to win the Hackathon.

First team to win using the platform will be $600.
Second team will get $400.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

1) Enter name of your hack.

2) Add ALL team members to post.


3) Submit a link to your hack (if applicable).

4) Submit before deadline! No later than 12:30 PM on Sunday, March 1rst! (No Late Entries will be accepted.)

5) Seriously, don't submit late.


Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban
Entrepreneur / Owner Dallas Mavs. / Shark

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller
President of Verizon Wireless, Central Texas Region

Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin
NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys / Principal , IF Motivated, LLC

Doug Parker

Doug Parker
CEO of American Airlines

Mike Rawlings

Mike Rawlings
City Dallas Mayor

Tom Foley

Tom Foley
Principal, IF Motivated, LLC, Social Entrepreneur

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Originality. Is this something unique and special.
  • Awesomeness
    You can’t explain it, but you always know it when you see it.
  • Function
    How well does your creation work?
  • Aesthetics
    Does your creation look as good as it functions?
  • Technicality
    Did you implement or build complex systems or algorithms, or just use pre existing tech?

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